About us

Early, I have traveled to many countries, visited a great number of European countries, North and South America, Africa, Asia, Philippines, Singapore and wherever I went, there was always a question what to bring for souvenirs, often visiting different shops nothing has caught my eye, nothing but “made in China” stuff. Even in Europe, it is extremely hard to find something really interesting that one wants to take it in one`s hands and to take a leap into the country you are now (or you were when you hold a souvenir in your hands). All I could bring from these countries were just impressions because I can't find anything material, some gift or memorable souvenir. And I`m not the only one who faced with such a situation!

When I was in France, at the festival of lights in Lyon (if possible I recommend you to go there) the festival runs from on 8-12 December annually and saw these cards and I was really impressed. When I came back to Kyiv, I`ve started looking for artists, designers who were able to do something similar.

Many people went through selection, but at that moment we weren`t able to build a team yet (it took 2 years). After that, we were working in order to get experience in the work with paper, and the search for original solutions, all we offer are not copies of other people's ideas - it`s our own ones.

Even now I know that what I liked in France is not French, it`s Asian. And I don`t believe that they may impress me...But these particular cards were the impetus in the searching for a new approach to the gifts, as a souvenir, in my opinion, this is something that awakens impressions, is a kind of "Time Machine" that takes us back raising up our minds our memories that we can continue to relive touching the Souvenirs from different countries.

We created this shop because we wanted to make high-quality, beautiful, exclusive and unique products for our buyers. All materials, which we use, is high-quality, safe and durable. We are so happy to have you as a customer.